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Submitting a Sample

All samples should be accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.

The typical sample fills a 1-quart zip-lock bag. Use the following guidelines; wet samples (>80% moisture), 400g; moist sample (50-80% moisture), 300g; damp sample (20-50% moisture), 200g; dry sample (<20% moisture), 100g. Any samples exceeding these sizes may be assessed the handling fee of $15 at our discretion and without notice. This also applies to other atypical samples. Below are some common sample types we receive the amount required for proper analysis:

Whole Fish:
Extra Small – 10 
Small – 5
Medium – 3
Large – 2

Whole Rats:
Adult – 2
Other sizes, please contact our support team.

Whole Mice:
Adult – 4
Other sizes, please contact our support team.

Whole Chicks – 4

Whole Squid – 6-7 

Various Meat 
Ground and or Fillet/parts – 1 pound

For Browse (Leaves, Twigs, Leaves & Twigs, Bark), Fruits & Vegetables (Whole, Peeled, Peels & Pulp), and Insects (Whole), please contact our support team.

All samples should be shipped to 730 Warren Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850. If you need further guidance on sample quantities or shipping practices, please contact our support team. 

Customer Support Phone: 607-257-1289
Email: [email protected]